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Hi Mary,
It’s been a week since we buried my father and I honestly can’t believe it went so fast…and in some cases so slow. I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for your personal message, but also for creating such an amazing business of caring for the aging. The staff at Wedgewood Central were amazing! My dad was at home there and was very comfortable in his house. The staff are skilled beyond measure and take direction well. I have to say that I saw Vanessa coaching another newer staff about 2 weeks ago with a resident that was becoming a bit belligerent and Vanessa just knew what to do and was so gentle with the staff, coaching her along the way. All of the staff at the house were fantastic with my dad, but in particular I wanted to bring to your attention the stellar skills and gifts of the following:

Judy: of course you know she’s great, but she so quickly and effortlessly developed a relationship with my dad and knew how to coach us toward hospice when we weren’t ready.
Vanessa: What a gem you have there! She is a hard worker, organized, compassionate and just an amazing human being
Michelle: My dad called her the “drill sergeant”, but she was the only one who could get him to do stuff and maintain a smile on his face. Such a delight.
Allie: so compassionate and helpful. I remember her the first morning he woke up there. Disorientated and weak and Allie was steady and helpful. She was also super compassionate and helpful at the end when we were just helping him ease into his next life.
Rosie: Rosie was amazing! That Friday before my dad died, we were so worried about his comfort, but Rosie was there every hour on the hour to administer his medication and she was super responsive at 3:30am when my dad was disoriented and shouting for help. She is graceful and gentle. I know this, because I stayed overnight that night and saw her in action.
Janelle: Wow…where do we begin? Janelle is just so knowledgeable and detail oriented that I never worried about whether my dad’s needs were being met. She created such a clear plan for Rosie when she left for the night that there was no way Rosie or anyone could mess it up.

Personally, after I’ve allowed my soul to heal a bit more, I’d love to be a “regular” at Hometown. I’d love to continue to cook meals on the weekends or during the week (I’ll be an empty nester next year 🙂 )….I hope that the staff know how special they are…They feel like family to us.

Thank you again for your willingness to work with us, for your compassion and dedication to individuals with memory care challenges and for creating such a wonderful place.

Much Love,
Sandy (Daughter of Tom K.)

Dear Cassie and Staff,
Thank you all so very much for your help to make Elaine’s Birthday party such a success. It was so kind of you to allow us to use Belmont. Elaine seemed to enjoy the day immensely, even being nice to Bernie. Thanks for getting her all “dolled” up for the day. She looked so very nice, and thank you especially for the good care you give her daily. She is in the best possible environment and gets the best possible care at Belmont. You are all appreciated.
Thanks with Love,
– Rosie

I wanted to send you a note regarding the excellent care my dad received at your Woodbury-Wedgewood facility. My mom, brother and I have been so pleased with the care he received from your staff. They were so caring, professional, and kind to him. In the past couple of weeks before his passing we were there hours at a time, and witnessed the extraordinary job everyone did.

I have been a social worker now for 26 years working in adult protection and adult mental health. Prior to this I worked in facilities with disabled adults. I can honestly say your staff are the best I have come across in my career. Their care of all the residents, and extra care of us as a family is unprecedented.

I would like to especially praise/commend the following staff: Cheyenne, Joy, Angelina, and Mandy. They really went the extra mile for my dad and treated my family with the utmost kindness and respect. I will wholeheartedly recommend your facility to others. Please feel free to use me as a reference to other families if needed.
– Tina G

Dear LeAnne
I want to express my very deep deep appreciation for all the loving, kind attention that you showed Jean during her- stay at Hometown. I could see the special relationship that she had to you because of her smile and recognition during those early years. As things progressed and she was becoming harder to take care of the leadership and direction that you gave to your crew made her life much easier, for her and me.

Remember when she first came from the Grace unit in Hasting. She was a zombie and you and your team working with the doctors and nurses were able to control her medications and made life much easier for her.

I remember the day that you told me about where she had lined up the pillows on the couch and was lecturing them as she might have done with a classroom. Thinking about that is always given me a little smile when there is not much to smile about. The other time was when she was reading to Laura running her finger along the line in the newspaper which was upside down and laura was saying uh-huh.

We are planning to have a celebration of her life on Saturday, August 26 at the Chapel here at Becketwood. It is tentatively planned for late morning to be followed by a light lunch. Jean’s sister Marilyn be here as well as some people who know us from Becketwood. If possible, I would like to have you attend because I would like to be able to introduce you to some of our friends. I have told any number of them about the wonderful care that Jean was getting.

With Love,
– Jim MN

Dear Mary,
Thank you so much for your wonderful Hometown Senior Living facilities. I had such peace in selecting 10025 Antrim Court for Vern. Theresa and the other workers at Vern’s home were so supportive and loving. I had peace of mind knowing he was in the best of care. What a gift our family had during Vern’s last months of life. We will never forget the wonderful difference your home gave us. Please let Theresa know how much her care of Vern was appreciated by Vern’s family.

Thank you
– Dawn P

Dear Ms. Hendricks,
My wife, Kathryn Olsen, has been a resident at Mt. Vernon Court in Woodbury for some time.

I just want to compliment you for your facility there, and the extraordinary and patient care Kathy receives from your superior staff. Thank you for the high quality of service.

Very truly yours,
– Lou P

A Mother’s Day Letter of Thanks!
Hi Mary & Family,
I want to thank you for the wonderful time spending time with my mother at your beautiful home. The hospitality was awesome, I just love the staff, so caring and thoughtful. I felt I had known all of them forever, I know my Mom is getting the care she needs and deserves, she has had a difficult life and I don’t know if I could still be kind if I went through all the medical stuff that she has. You folks are too good to be true. It’s great to know there are people like you who care so much for others. Have a relaxing Mother’s Day, you deserve the best.

– Donna

High Recommendations!
Hometown Senior Living is the best thing that happened to my husband and I in the last eleven years. I took care of him during his descent into dementia for that period of time until I became ill and completely stressed out. I felt paralyzed, knowing I had to find a place for him but not knowing where to turn. I could not face placing him at any of the facilities I knew about. Then my stepdaughter found HSL. He has been there for more than six months now. Mary, the owner, and all the staff are knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate, and helpful. They do an excellent job of medical coordination, medication management, care-giving, encouragement and communicating. The facility is open to me, to family and friends at any time. As I struggle with five chronic disorders, four of which are directly exacerbated by stress, it is an immense relief to have no worries about my husband. He is happy there, has gained weight, loves the staff and looks terrific. Everyone who visits him is very impressed. HSL is a true winner!!
– Virginia J.

Sincere Thanks for Exceptional Care!
Dear Mary,

We are writing this letter to express our sincere thanks for the exceptional care that you provided to our mother Barbara W. We are truly grateful to you and your staff for providing such a wonderful home for her. Everyone was always very courteous, professional and compassionate and that provided great comfort to our family. Family and friends were always welcome and invited to stay and enjoy meals with her. This allowed everyone to spend a lot of time with her and we are very grateful to have had that time.

She received the utmost attention and care 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Your staff would often sit with her during the night when she couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to be alone. She was very appreciative of the individual care that she received and knows that she wouldn’t have received that kind of personalized attention in a standard facility. You completely opened your home during our Mother’s final days when we were there around the clock. You provided meals for the family and shared your extra bedroom so that we could take turns getting a few hours of sleep. We can’t thank you enough for the care that you provided to our family during that time. Your home truly has a “family atmosphere” and we would highly recommend Hometown Senior Living to everyone we know.

– The family of Barbara W.

Take Joy in Knowing That You Made a Difference!
Good Morning,

Our beloved “Grandpa”Bob left our arms to be received by our Heavenly Father. And though our hearts are hurting, we are blessed to know that he is at peace.

It is amazing to be able to see God’s hand so clearly in the past week. We were led to your home for a reason! Through your amazing service and surroundings our family was well served – we take pleasure in knowing that he was well cared for during his last days.

Many stories of visits and special moments that took place in the last week were shared – and may compliments of what a caring and passionate staff “who clearly enjoy what they do” were heard. Take joy in knowing that you made a difference!
– Warmly, Amber

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